Growing Life

It’s a permanent program, to promote values towards the care of nature, through reforestation. Students from different high schools are trained, to follow the growth from seedlings to small trees so they can then be relocated to a permanent home.

Community Health

In alliance with the State University of Hidalgo’s program University Students in action, we bring a caravan of different medical services to communities with hard access to health facilities. Free medical consults are provided in odontology, nurse, nutrition and general medicine. Over 220 people have benefited from this campaigns, and there are more to schedule according to the communities needs.


Our company seeks to reach out to the communities to enable engagement process, to have an active, free, previous and informed participation from their behalf, in harmony with their internal protocols as land owners, citizens and their representatives. We are committed to inform them of our different mechanisms to build a constructive and transparent link.

Supporting actions

We have open doors to our communities needs, and we also serve with philanthropy actions like crowdfunding, gathering of goods and other requests.